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How it works:

This lottery scam is an updated version of a common flim-flam scheme involving a found wallet filled with cash.† In this scam, the victim is approached in a public place like a parking lot or shopping center by someone claiming to be a lottery winner.† The scammer may be a foreign national or have a foreign appearance.† The scammer will inform the victim that they have won the lottery, but cannot claim the prize because they are an illegal immigrant.† This sounds convincing, but Connecticut and New York Lottery prizes can be claimed by anyone regardless of resident status.† The scammer will offer to sell the victim the ticket or split the prize in return for the victimís assistance claiming the prize.†

The scammer may pretend to call the Connecticut Lottery in order to verify/validate the prize and will hand over the ticket and telephone to the victim.† The scammerís accomplice is on the phone and will tell them that it is a winning ticket.† In some instances, the scammerís accomplice will inform them that the victim can represent the winner as long as they pay taxes upfront at the lottery office.† Once the victim has agreed to purchase the ticket or pay upfront taxes, they are induced to make a large cash withdrawal.† The victimís cash is sealed in an envelope, but the scammers will distract the victim and swap the victimís money with a similar envelope stuffed with paper.††††††††

What to do:

Do not speak to suspicious persons, even in a public place.

Do report suspicious persons to the Darien Police Department, even if you are uncertain they are engaged in a crime.

Do not buy lottery tickets from anyone other than an official lottery sales retailer.† Scratch-off tickets sold on the street may be stolen.†

Do verify lottery tickets at www.ctlottery.org or by calling (860) 713-2000.

Do be aware that the Connecticut Lottery may withhold a portion of lottery winnings for taxes, but will never charge money upfront.† Prizes over $5,000 must be claimed at CT Lottery Headquarters in Rocky Hill.

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