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arrow Kidnapped by a gang member at the scene of car accident? It sounds like a blockbuster movie, but some are falling for this scam.


The Darien Police Department has become aware of a telephone scam where the victims are told that a family member is the subject of a kidnapping or hostage scenario.   On 8/21/13, a male and female walked into the Darien Police Department reporting that their daughter was being held for ransom.  The male complainant was still on the phone with the alleged kidnapper.  The unidentified male caller claimed to be at the scene of a car accident and told them their daughter had struck a vehicle belonging to his brother who was a wanted “gang member”.  The brother was allegedly holding their daughter at gunpoint and demanded a sum of $800 to pay for the vehicle damage.  The complainants were directed to stay on the phone and drive directly to an ATM machine.  It is believed that the caller planned to have the parents wire these funds from a Walmart in a neighboring jurisdiction.  The call was eventually terminated and it was subsequently learned that the daughter had not been involved in an accident or abducted. The callers may have some pedigree or personal information regarding the family member, making the phone call seem legitimate.  Local media reports from states along the East Coast are reporting similar variations of this scam.  Please visit the Darien Police Departments Crime Prevention webpage for information regarding these and other types of scams being reported to us.



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