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arrow Darien Business Owners: Series Of Flim Flam Incidents Occurring

On Wednesday June 19th, 2013 the Darien Police responded to The Learning Express in the Goodwives Shopping Center on the report of a larceny regarding a flim flam incident.� Flim flams are usually a type of crime in which a suspect asks a clerk at a store for change or exchange of money.� Once the suspect is given the money, he or she will tell the clerk that they were short changed or given the wrong amount of money back. The clerk, unknowingly, may give the suspect what he claims he was shorted.�

�On Tuesday June 18th, 2013, the female victim/clerk in this case was given five twenty dollar bills in exchange for a one hundred dollar bill.� The clerk handed the suspect a one hundred dollar bill in return, however the suspect told the clerk that she handed him a ten dollar bill instead of the one hundred dollar bill he had asked for.� The clerk then took back the ten dollar bill and handed the suspect another one hundred dollar bill.

�Follow up investigation by the Officer assigned to the case determined that a different person had reportedly executed the same scam at the Stop and Shop in the Goodwives Shopping Center on the same day. It is believed that the two were working together.

�The suspect in the Learning Express incident is described as a large Hispanic male wearing a green shirt.

�The suspect in the Stop and Shop incident is described as chubby black male, missing teeth and with corn rows style hair wearing a gold watch.

�Anyone with information regarding these incidents, or other stores who feel may have been victimized is asked to contact the Darien Police Detective Bureau at 203-662-5330.

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