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arrow Darien Police Reminds You To Stay Away From All Downed Utility Wires. Even Phone & Cable Wires Can Be Deadly If Entangled!


Wires at the top of utility poles carry high voltage electricity. Even when these wires are lying on the ground they can still be very dangerous and deadly. Live high voltage wires can actually jump the distance from one utility pole to another. When a live wire is lying on the ground, the ground around the wire can become electrically charged and deadly to stand on. Live wires that are touching tree branches can send deadly electricity throughout the tree, and sometimes you may not notice a power wire that is entangled in a downed tree limb. Even though downed power wires may not seem to be electrically charged, at any time that wire could become live again by a reconnection of the circuit or a “backflow” from a home generator system that was improperly installed. Even phone wires or cable TV wires can become electrified if they come in contact with a high voltage wire. All wires from utility poles should be considered very dangerous!
Cars should avoid driving over electrical wires that are lying on the ground. The wires could become tangled in the undercarriage of the car and pose a hazard to the vehicle occupants or persons standing in the area. If a live electrical wire comes in contact with your vehicle it can electrify the metal areas of your car. The rubber tires on your car are likely what will prevent the electrical charge from completing a potential deadly electrical ground. Stay inside your vehicle, keep your windows closed, and avoid touching any metal areas of your car.
Immediately report any hazardous electrical wire conditions to the police. 
Be Safe. Be Smart.

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