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Did you know….
          A general misconception is that you do not need a driver’s license to operate a “Scooter” or “Moped” type of mini vehicle. Connecticut Motor Vehicle Law requires that the operator of any motorized vehicle on any public area in this state is to possess a valid driver’s license.
          Connecticut Motor Vehicle statute 14-286 also requires some “Scooters” and “Mopeds” to be registered. It states that if the vehicle has a motor of 50cc or larger, is rated at more than 2 brake horse power, and is capable of going more than 30mph with an automatic transmission, then it is required to be registered if it is to be operated on any public area of this state. If the “Scooter” or “Moped” does not meet these characteristics, it would not require registration to be operated on public areas, but it is not allowed on limited access highways.
           Some types of mini vehicles such as “Mini-Bikes”, “Go-Carts”, motorized Skateboards, etc. do not meet the safety standards established under Connecticut statute 14-12 and are not allowed to be operated on any public area. These types of mini vehicles could be operated, and without a driver’s license, on private property only.
Operating any of the above “mini vehicles” in a public area without a driver’s license is a $158 fine, operating one without registration if required by law is an additional $117 fine.
Drive Safe. Drive Smart.
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