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The Darien Police Department Is Now Hiring:

 Applications must be submitted no later than October 5, 2014.  Please contact Sgt. Robert Shreders at 203-662-5315 for further information.



SALARY RANGE:   $60,519 to $82,284


BENEFITS INCLUDE:  Sick leave, paid vacation, 12 paid holidays, pension plan, group life insurance, group health insurance, longevity increases, tuition reimbursement.  Opportunity for extra duty pay, 20-year retirement with no age limitation.



Applications must be postmarked or on file at the office of the Chief of Police on or before

OCTOBER 5, 2014

Return or mail applications to:  

Office of the Chief of Police

Darien Police Department

25 Hecker Avenue, Darien, CT  06820


EXAMPLES OF DUTIES:   Works under immediate supervision of captain, lieutenant or sergeant as designated, who frequently review work for completeness and conformance to orders and regulations.  Operates Department cruisers and/or walks foot patrol beat on assigned shifts.  Maintains order and protects life and property.  Investigates complaints, violations, and accidents completing all required written reports.  Performs all related duties as required. 


CANDIDATE REQUIREMENTS:  Candidates must have earned a minimum of sixty credits from an accredited college or university, OR a minimum of two years full active military duty plus 30 credits, OR previous law enforcement experience plus 30 credits.  Candidates shall be required to attach a copy of their college diploma(s) and/or academic transcript(s) to their employment application upon submission.  Candidates must have reached their 21st birthday at the time of written test.  The candidate must possess a valid motor vehicle operator’s license, and must be a citizen of the United States.  No visible tattoos while on duty in uniform.   Police officers must possess a satisfactory level of social and general intelligence; ability to comprehend and follow written and oral policies and procedures; basic computer skills; ability to write accurate investigatory reports; logical reasoning, problem solving, and decision making abilities; capacity for sustained attention and concentration, as well as for decisive action.  Police officer candidates must meet acceptable standards of physical and mental health, being free of any physical, mental, or physiological condition that could impair essential job requirements, including significant personality disorder or substance abuse.  Candidates must have normal hearing, normal color vision and depth perception, binocular vision, distance and near vision (with lenses) must be 20/30 each eye.  Candidates must be free from felony and Class A or B misdemeanor convictions, and have a good educational and work record.




                        1.   Application

                        2.   Written Examination                     Minimum Passing Score 70%

                        3.   Physical Fitness                             (Pass/Fail)

                        4.   Oral Examination

                        5.   Polygraph Examination                 (Pass/Fail)

                        6.   Psychological Examination           (Pass/Fail)

                        7.   Drug Screen

                        8.   Stress Test

                        9.   Comprehensive Medical Exam.    (Pass/Fail)

                      10.   Background Investigation                                                                                  


Upon passing the written examination, candidates will be notified as to the date, time and location of the physical fitness examination.


Subsequently, as needed to fill vacancies, candidates will be drawn from an eligibility pool for the remainder of the selection process.


The Board of Police Commissioners will interview successful candidates in making its determination of which to employ.


                                                    GENERAL INFORMATION


Candidates must obtain a passing score on each part of the examination to be considered for succeeding parts.


Applicants who successfully complete the written examination with a minimum score of 70% will be eligible for the physical fitness testing.


As the needs of the Darien Police Department dictate, admission to the oral phase will be limited only to candidates who have successfully completed the physical fitness testing and score highest on the written phase.


The written examination will be conducted for the Town of Darien, Connecticut by a private testing agency.


Successful passing of written examination, physical fitness testing, oral board and the remainder of the selection process requirements stated does not guarantee employment by the Darien Police Department.  The Town of Darien is an equal opportunity employer.


For additional information, please visit our web site www.darienpolice.org or call our Training Division at 203-662-5315 Monday-Friday, 7:00 AM-3:00 PM.




Applications may be obtained from the Office of Chief of Police, Police Headquarters, Darien, Connecticut, or may be downloaded via our website.




Written examination will be given on October 11, 2014 at Middlesex Middle School, Darien, Connecticut.

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