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arrow Is Your House Number Clearly Visible On Your Property? If Not, We May Not Be Able To Get There As Fast As You Need Us To

Darien Town Ordinance #66-6 requires residents to have clearly visible house numbers on their property.  The ordinance requires the numbers to be at least 3” in height and clearly visible from any direction for Emergency Vehicles, which are out during the darkest night and the worst of weather conditions.  There is a fine for violating this ordinance, but more importantly the seconds or minutes not spent by emergency responders looking for your house during a crisis may mean everything.  

Think of this scenario. There’s an emergency at your house. You dial 911 and speak to the dispatcher. The dispatcher takes down your information and tells you that units are on their way. However, it seems like it’s taking a long time for first responders to arrive. Meanwhile, the responders have arrived on your street but they’re having problems finding your house. The house doesn’t have any easily identifiable numbers on it and the mailbox is blocked by trees. This is a common scenario that is totally preventable. 

In an emergency situation time is of the essence. Police, fire and emergency medical service responders depend on house numbers to find you as quickly as possible. Finding your house, especially at night, can be challenging if address numbers are unreadable, blocked, unlit or not even there. Make sure your house number is clearly marked and visible from the street. Turning on an outside light at night could also help first responders locate your house. 

Your house number should be:     

• In plain, block numerals on a contrasting background   

• Large enough (at least 3") to be seen from the street   

• Unobstructed by trees, decorations or vehicles    

• Facing the street named in your address    

• Displayed at your driveway entrance if your house is not visible from the street   

• Reflective or lit up to be seen at night   



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