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MARCH 5, 2014




1.         CALL TO ORDER


The 2,274th meeting of the Darien Police Commission was held on the above mentioned date at Police Headquarters.  Commissioner Johnson, Commissioner Huffard, Commissioner Joyce, Chief Lovello, Sgt. Moore and Jan Lesko (Commission Secretary) were in attendance.  The meeting was called to order at 4:00 PM.




Commissioner Huffard motioned to approve the minutes of the 2,273rd meeting held on February 6, 2014, seconded by Commissioner Johnson.  All were in favor.  The time was 4:03 PM.




The Commission reviewed a letter received from the Darien Fire Commission commending the services of Officers Macniven and Noto for their dispatching skills on January 11, 2014 when 5 houses were struck by lightning within a matter of five minutes.




A warrant has been lodged for the alleged burglar who was targeting victims of Indian descent.  Arrest warrants have been issued for the suspects in the Priscilla Lane home invasion for a burglary on Sunset Road in 2013.


During a routine motor vehicle stop, a 17-year old operator was found with 60 grams of marijuana.  The Department has seized the vehicle.  Two large televisions were stolen from the Avalon Community Room.  There was no sign of forced entry.  The Department received two separate checks in the amount of $2,500 for the Asset Forfeiture Fund.


Officer Clohessy was kicked in the groin during the arrest of a female subject.  Officer Ehret is undergoing shoulder surgery tomorrow and it is anticipated that he will not return to work before July.  Sgt. Hudyma is currently on light duty and is not expected to return to full duty until December.


Officers DiIorio and Cummings will be attending the two-week Fairfield County Detectives School in April.  Officers Macniven, Mulchahy and Ehret of the Marine Division have passed the Coast Guard Captain’s license examination.


5.         OLD BUSINESS


Proposed Budget for Fiscal Year 2014/2015


Chief Lovello advised that two members of the Board of Finance will be at Police Headquarters on March 18th to review the Department’s proposed budget for fiscal year 2014/2015.  He noted that the overtime account is usually a topic of discussion during these sessions.




March 5, 2014

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Civilian Dispatcher Position


Discussion was held concerning the definite need for a civilian dispatcher in Communications.  Commissioner Johnson took exception to a letter in a local paper which stated that the request for a civilian dispatcher was “not a public safety issue”.  Commissioner Johnson reiterated that the public needs to be aware that this is indeed a public safety issue and it is not out of the norm that two emergency calls for help could come in at the same time.


6.         NEW BUSINESS


Acting Sergeant Position


Chief Lovello advised there is currently a vacancy in the position of Sergeant due to Sgt. Hudyma’s maternity status.  Chief Lovello requested that Officer Andrew Mastroianni be appointed Acting Sergeant effective immediately until Sgt. Hudyma returns to full duty.   Commissioner Huffard motioned that Officer Andrew Mastroianni be appointed Acting Sergeant effective immediately until Sgt. Hudyma’s return to full duty, seconded by Commissioner Joyce.  All were in favor.  The time was 4:20 PM.


False Alarm Account


Chief Lovello requested the use of approximately $1,500 from the False Alarm account to fund Officer DeSimone’s enrollment in the Elliot Spector Training Institute.  This is a two-week program which would allow Officer DeSimone to complete his comparative certification training at an accelerated pace.  Commissioner Johnson motioned to approve the use of $1,500 from the False Alarm account to fund Officer DeSimone’s enrollment in the Elliot Spector Training Institute, seconded by Commissioner Huffard.  All were in favor.  The time was 4:25 PM.


Miscellaneous Personnel Matters


Prior to being appointed Acting Sergeant, Officer Mastroianni was scheduled to fill a position in the Detective Bureau.  Chief Lovello advised that a new candidate will be selected for the Detective Bureau for the duration of Officer Mastroianni’s role as Acting Sergeant.


Traffic Issues


Capt. Anderson received a proposal from Planning & Zoning for three houses to be built near the intersection of Middlesex Road and Hollow Tree Ridge Road.  He will review this proposal and submit his findings to Planning & Zoning.




Commissioner Johnson motioned to enter Executive Session for the purpose of discussing contract issues, seconded by Commissioner Joyce   All were in favor.  The time was 4:30 PM.  Commissioner Johnson, Commissioner Huffard, Commissioner Joyce and Chief Lovello were in attendance.


A motion was made by Commissioner Johnson to reconvene in Public Session, seconded by Commissioner Huffard.  All were in favor.  The time was 4:50 PM.





March 5, 2014

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8.         ADJOURNMENT


There being no other business to be considered, Commissioner Johnson motioned to adjourn, seconded by Commissioner Joyce.   All were in favor.  The time was 4:52 PM.






Jan Lesko, Commission Secretary






The next regular meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, March 19, 2014 at 4:00 PM.