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MARCH 13, 2013

1.         CALL TO ORDER

The 2,257th meeting of the Darien Police Commission was held on the above mentioned date at Police Headquarters.  Commissioner Johnson Commissioner Santarella, Chief Lovello, and Jan Lesko (Commission Secretary) were in attendance.  Commissioner Harrel joined the meeting at 4:05 PM via telephone but did not vote on any motion.  The meeting was called to order at 4:00 PM.


Commissioner Santarella motioned to approve the minutes of the special meeting held on February 13, 2013, seconded by Commissioner Johnson.  All were in favor. The time was 4:04 PM.


The Commission reviewed a letter received from Chief Lombardo of the Wilton Police Department commending the services of Lt. Osborne, Sgt. Cirillo, Sgt. Lawlor, Sgt. Marron, Officer Adams, Officer Mastroianni, Officer E. Vigil, and Officer Clohessy during the response to a distraught armed individual call at a residence in Wilton.  The Commission unanimously commended these officers for their excellent service.


The Town experienced a tragic accident on the Metro-North line this past week.  There were a couple of domestic violence incidents, a burglary at a local cleaners, and suspicious persons at a liquor store.  Chief Lovello participated in a seminar on gun control at Darien Library a few weeks ago.  He was the chief speaker at the Sr. Men’s luncheon on March 6th.  Chief Lovello will be meeting with Encon to re-program timers at Police headquarters in an effort to reduce heating and cooling costs.

5.         OLD BUSINESS

Proposed Commercial Development – 164 Old Kings Highway South

Lt. Anderson’s memo regarding the follow-up meeting with Planning and Zoning Director Jeremy Ginsberg concerning the proposed commercial development at 164 Old Kings Highway South was reviewed.  Lt. Anderson recommended that the Legal Traffic Authority approve the additional curb cut on Old Kings Highway South to have all traffic to/from this parcel access the property from Old Kings Highway South.  The Police Commission concurred and is opposed to any additional curb cuts on Cross Street.

East Coast Greenway Alliance

A letter to Conn. Dept. of Transportation supporting the efforts of the East Coast Greenway Alliance to sign the East Coast Greenway was signed by Commissioner Johnson on behalf of the Darien Police Commission.  The letter has been forwarded to the Selectmen’s office for their approval.

6.         NEW BUSINESS

Recognition of Commissioner Santarella

Commissioner Harrel motioned to approve a resolution regarding Commissioner Santarella’s years of service.    Commissioner Johnson voted to approve said resolution, seconded by Commissioner Santarella.  The time was 4:50 PM.  The approved resolution, as follows, was read aloud by Commissioner Johnson:

Be it resolved that the Darien Police Department acting by its Chief, Duane J.  Lovello and the Darien Police Commission acting by its Chairman, J. Paul Johnson extends its deepest thanks to Commissioner Linda Santarella for her excellent service to the Commission and to the Department.  Linda has at all times been diligent and thoughtful in her service and in the best tradition of the Commission has worked in total cooperation with her fellow Commission members.  Over the years, Linda has served Darien in many roles including the RTM and the Board of Selectmen, but her service on the Commission, especially on the Building Committee, may be her finest achievement.   Linda will be greatly missed, but we know that she will continue to be an active participant in her beloved Darien community.

8.         ADJOURNMENT

There being no other business to be considered, Commissioner Johnson motioned to adjourn, seconded by Commissioner Santarella.   All were in favor.  The time was 5:03 PM.

 Jan Lesko, Commission Secretary