25 Hecker Ave Darien, CT 06820
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SPECIAL MEETING                                                                                           June 19, 2013                                                                                             

The 2,261st meeting of the Darien Police Commission will be held on the above mentioned date at Police Headquarters at 4:00 PM.


Call to Order


Acceptance of Minutes


  1. May 15, 2013.






Department Activity


Overview of recent activity.


Update on police telephone outages.


Old Business


Update on request of Darien Library to install generator next to Police Dept. property line.


New Business


Request for retirement from Capt. Fred Komm.


Discussion on upcoming promotional exams for ranks of Captain and Sergeant and costs associated with same.


Discussion on entry level candidates.


Traffic issues:


            Advisory updates on miscellaneous traffic issues.

            Update on proposed development on OKHS at Cross Road.

            Discussion on building project at Post Road and Day Street.

            Request to install advisory sign – Noroton Heights Fire Department.


Recognition of retired Chief John Jordan’s 90th birthday.