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JULY 17, 2013


1.         CALL TO ORDER

The 2,262nd meeting of the Darien Police Commission was held on the above mentioned date at Police Headquarters.  Commissioner Johnson, Commissioner Harrel, Commissioner Huffard, Chief Lovello, Lt. Osborne, and Jan Lesko (Commission Secretary) were in attendance.  Also attending were Carolyn Schoonmaker, Chairman of the Public Health and Safety Committee and Committee member Mac Patrick.  Channel 79 was present to tape the meeting.  The meeting was called to order at 4:05 PM.


The draft minutes of the meeting held on June 19, 2013, were reviewed.  Commissioner Harrel requested that the last sentence in Section 6, Item 3 be deleted and replaced with, “The Police Commission was in agreement that the vacancy for patrol officer preferably be filled with a certified police officer.”  Commissioner Harrel motioned to accept the minutes of June 19, 2013 with the change made to the last sentence in Section 6, Item 3, seconded by Commissioner Huffard.  All were in favor. The time was 4:10 PM.


There was no correspondence to review.


Captain Pavia, Sergeant Moore and Detective Whyte are attending a 3-day DDACTS (data Driven Approaches to Crime and Traffic Solutions) training session in Meriden this week.  Sgt. Johnson will be attending a 2-day grant writing program this week at Roger Williams University.

Since the last Commission meeting there have been a couple of motor vehicle burglaries, a couple of bicycle thefts, and some incidences with emotionally disturbed persons. When asked about seat belt enforcement, Chief Lovello advised that most motorists are in compliance with seat belt regulations.  Cell phone and texting usage, however, remains very high.

5.         OLD BUSINESS

Promotional Examinations for the ranks of Captain and Sergeant

Chief Lovello advised that the previous vendor used for promotional examinations, Bruce Davey, is no longer in business due to the owner’s retirement.  Proposals were received from two reputable vendors, I/O Solutions and BadgeQuest.  The proposal from I/O Solutions was approximately $30,000 plus expenses while the proposal from BadgeQuest was approximately $18,000 with no extra expenses.  Commissioner Johnson motioned to engage BadgeQuest for promotional testing subject to funding by the Board of Finance, seconded by Commissioner Harrel.  All were in favor.  The time was 4:20 PM.

Entry Level Examination for the rank of Patrol Officer

Due to the retirement of Capt. Komm and upcoming promotions, the Department will have a need to fill a vacancy for patrol officer.  Commissioner Harrel motioned that the necessary examinations be conducted for entry level patrol officer, preferably certified, seconded by Commissioner Johnson.  All were in favor.  The time was 4:25 PM.

6.         NEW BUSINESS

Public Health and Safety Committee

Discussion was held pertaining to the Town’s leash law.  Chief Lovello advised that signs at Woodland Park were destroyed by recent storms and there are currently no signs posted.  Commissioner Johnson suggested that Parks and Rec install temporary cardboard until permanent signs can be installed.  Mrs. Schoonmaker will look into this issue.

In regards to the Police Department, Mr. Patrick advised the Commission that the biggest complaint their committee hears is the issue of speeding.  Traffic enforcement has been increased but speeding continues to be a problem not only in Darien but in surrounding areas as well.  Mr. Patrick also advised that pedestrian safety on Hoyt Street has also been an issue and that is currently being discussed.

Traffic Issues

Pedestrian Signs on Hoyt Street – Lighted pedestrian signs on Hoyt Street have been installed and are still being adjusted.

Parking on Pear Tree Point Road – Complaints have been received regarding non-permitted persons parking their vehicles on Pear Tree Point Road and walking into Pear Tree Point Beach.  Police will be monitoring parking on Pear Tree Point Road.

Tower Drive Emergency Services Radio Communications Application

Chief Lovello advised that approval was received last night from the Planning & Zoning Commission for the Tower Drive Emergency Services Radio Communications application.

On-Going Radio Communications Project

The Department has always experienced trouble with radio transmissions in the northern part of Darien in the Hoyt Street/Wakemore Street area. The Fire Commission has received funding in the amount of $219,000 to implement a “simulcast” radio system using transmitter sites at Darien Police Department, Tower Drive, and Sterling Farms in Stamford.  This would vastly alleviate these radio issues.  The Department is receiving $69,000 in reimbursement from the State of Connecticut for the installation of a state console in DPD Communications.  Chief Lovello requested that these funds be combined with the Fire Commission project, allowing the Police Department to tie into the enhanced system and gain the same coverage benefits.  Commissioner Harrel motioned that the $69,000 received from the State be used for the Department’s on-going radio communications project, seconded by Commissioner Huffard.  All were in favor.  The time was 4:40 PM.

7.         ADJOURNMENT

There being no other business to be considered, Commissioner Johnson motioned to adjourn, seconded by Commissioner Harrel.   All were in favor.  The time was 4:45 PM.

Jan Lesko, Commission Secretary


The meeting scheduled for Wednesday, August 7, 2013 at 5:00 PM will be cancelled.

The meeting scheduled for Wednesday, August 21, 2013 at 5:00 PM will be cancelled.

A Special Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, August 21, 2013 at 4:00 PM.