25 Hecker Ave Darien, CT 06820


"The mission of the Darien Police Department's Patrol Division is to prevent crime, safeguard lives and property, improve quality of life within the community, reduce fear of crime, and build public confidence in the professionalism of the Department. This is achieved in partnership with the community by proactive patrol, courteous and prompt response to requests for service, conducting comprehensive and efficient investigations, fair and firm application of the law, and ethical conduct in every aspect of our duties."

The Patrol Division represents the backbone of the Police Department. Of the Department’s authorized strength of 51 sworn officers, 39 uniformed officers are assigned to the Patrol Unit. Four lieutenants, commonly referred to as Platoon Commanders, are in command of the on-duty platoon, with one of the four typically scheduled for duty on each of the Department’s three duty tours. Five sergeants serve as first line supervisors. A patrol officer is assigned to each of three tours of duty in the Communications Center. Twenty-seven officers, assigned to individual squads, are assigned to patrol duties with a specific number of officers assigned to each squad to provide adequate police patrols in designated patrol sectors around the clock. Two officers are assigned to a Special Enforcement squad targeting select problems throughout town. One officer is typically assigned to the Communications Center to assist during peak daytime call volume hours.