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Date:               September 2, 2013
Re:                  Unidentified Powder / Threatening Letter
Incident No:    2013-011977
Issued by:        Sgt. Jeremiah P. Marron Jr.
           Public Information Officer
             Office: 203-662-5367
 Cell: 203-667-7662
             Fax:     203-662-5381
             Routine Calls: 203-662-5300
For Immediate Release
Darien, CTAt approximately 2:30p.m. the on-duty Tokeneke Constable was contacted by a resident of the Tokeneke section of Darien, regarding a threatening letter which had been delivered to the residence. Tokeneke Constables are certified law enforcement officers that work under the direction of the Darien Chief of Police.
Once the Constable arrived on scene the complainant presented the letter and informed him also that the envelope that the letter came in contained a white powder. The Constable then notified the Darien Police Department and advised them of the situation. The Constable was then instructed to remain in the house with the residents until the substance could be analyzed. 
This type of incident is always taken with the utmost seriousness by local, state, and federal authorities. As of right now, numerous protocols are in place securing the scene and protecting the involved parties. Currently the Darien Police are working closely with the Darien Fire Marshal’s Office, the F.B.I., and the Connecticut State Police Emergency Services. Specialized personnel are en route to the scene.
There are approximately 9 people that were exposed to the white powder however at the time of this press release, none of the involved parties were exhibiting any ill-effects from exposure to the powder. Darien EMS and Fire Departments have been notified of this incident and are on stand-by status.
At the present time investigators are attempting to determine why the envelope was delivered to this particular residence. Further investigation is being undertaken to determine the credibility of this threat. This incident is on-going and additional updates will be provided as soon as possible.     


UPDATE: For Immediate Release 
DARIEN, CTEarlier this afternoon, a suspicious powder and a threatening letter were located in a mailbox of a residence in the Tokeneke section of Darien. Ultimately nine (9) people, including a Tokeneke Constable, were unknowingly exposed to the powder and were required to remain isolated and confined to two separate residences.   After arrival of specially trained agents of the FBI and members of CSP Emergency Unit, a determination was made as a precaution to allow involved parties to self-decontaminate. This simply involved changing their clothes and washing their hands solely as a precaution as none of the involved parties showed any ill effects as a result of the minimal exposure.     
At approximately 7:30p.m., the suspicious powder had been removed from the residence by the Connecticut State Police Emergency Services Unit. Preliminary tests will be conducted on the substance before it is turned over to the F.B.I. Conclusive identification of the substance may take up to five (5) days.
Subsequently the residents were interviewed by the Darien Police Detective Division and the F.B.I.  Officers on scene canvassed numerous neighboring streets including mailboxes and no further evidence was located. This incident has now been turned over to the F.B.I. for further investigation and all law enforcement personnel have cleared the scene. 
As always, in these types of incidents, law enforcement response is directed to minimize any hazard and to provide as much safety as possible until the substance can be definitively identified.  Although these steps may later prove to be unneeded we nonetheless must follow these protocols based on State and Federal guidelines involving potentially hazardous materials. 
Earlier news reports labeling this incident as an “Anthrax Scare,” are unfounded and not supported by any statement or evidence. There is absolutely no evidence to suggest that any resident is in any further danger as a result of this incident as all of the evidence has been secured and removed. Additional inquiries should be directed to the F.B.I. Media Coordinator at 203-777-6311. 

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