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October 31, 2012, 2:00pm Update from First Selectman Jayme Stevenson:

     Today is day 1 post storm. As we are able to access areas previously inaccessible, we continue to identify dangerous fallen trees and utility wire damage. We are working along side CL&P to clear roadways of trees and wires. Clearing roadways for emergency access must be our first priority and must be complete before full power restoration efforts can begin.  Darien Public Schools are closed for Thursday and Friday.  87% of the Town of Darien is without power including all public offices and facilities. There is a well-coordinated effort to restore power first to critical facilities and main trunk lines. Main trunk lines essentially follow main transportation routes. Restoration to these lines will bring back online a variety of community resource centers and homes along those routes.  Driving is treacherous throughout Darien due to power out in traffic signals. We have had several serious accidents today. Vehicles must drive slowly and stop at all intersections. The shelter at the Darien High School is open and will remain open as long as residents need a place of safety. Water and MRE meals are available at the shelter. If you need to utilize the shelter, bring any items for your own personal comfort. Showers are available but hot water is not guaranteed. You must bring your own towel and shower supplies. At this time, finding shelter with family and friends in areas outside of town should be considered.  Many residents have asked how you can help. I’m grateful for your support. The best way to help is by staying calm and patient. The reality is that tree clearing and power restoration will take an extended period of time. I understand growing frustration. Please know that we have been working 24/7 to recover from this disaster.  Thank you.
Issued 1500 hrs.

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