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Telephone Scam

The Darien Police Department has received at least two recent reports of a telephone scam targeting our residents. In this particular scam, the caller claims that a relative (usually a grandchild) is in another country and is experiencing some type of legal or financial distress. The caller may impersonate the relative, claim to be a lawyer representing them or claim to be a police officer. Many of these calls originate from Canada or Mexico and target elderly residents.

Be very cautious if you receive a phone call claiming that a relative is in jail or needs financial assistance. Do not try to verify such information using phone numbers provided by the caller. If you need to confirm whether a relative is in custody in another state or country, call the Darien Police Department at 203-662-5300. The scam artist may ask to have funds wired from a bank account or have money sent via Western Union or Money Gram. Never do this.

If you have been victimized by this scam or have questions on how to protect yourself, please contact the Darien Detective Division at 203-662-5330. Information on this scam and other common frauds are available on our website, www.darienpolice.org


 Det. Mark Cappelli
 Public Information Officer
 Phone: 203-662-5368
 Fax:     203-662-5381
 Routine Calls: 203-662-5300



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