2/23/2017 - PRESS RELEASE: Darien Police Arrest Car Burglary Suspects during Surveillance Operation:

Date:                    February 23, 2017

Re:                         Darien Police Arrest Car Burglary Suspects during Surveillance Operation             

Issued by:           Det. Sgt. Jeremiah P. Marron Jr.





For Immediate Release


Darien, CT – During the past two weeks over 20 car burglaries and two stolen vehicles have been reported in Darien.  In all of these incidents the vehicles were left unlocked and the ignition keys were in the vehicles that were stolen.  On February 22, 2017 the Darien Police Department Selective Enforcement Unit, Detective Division, and Patrol Division conducted a joint surveillance operation targeting the car theft suspects.  


At approximately 1:00am today, undercover officers observed a male subject exiting the driveway of a Post Rd residence in close proximity to the Stamford Town line.  Numerous recent car burglaries have occurred in this area.  The subject was detained by officers and identified as a 17 year old male from Stamford.  Through investigation it was determined that two nearby vehicles had been burglarized and the juvenile had proceeds from the burglaries in his possession.


As the investigation continued, officers developed information leading to a second suspect who had fled the scene.  Selective Enforcement Unit officers then met with officers from the Stamford Police Department and were able to locate the second suspect at his residence in Stamford.  The second suspect was also a 17 year old male.  Both juveniles were taken into custody and transported to Darien Police Headquarters for booking. 


Further investigation revealed that the juvenile suspect #1 was responsible for numerous Darien burglaries and the theft of a 2011 Land Rover LR4 from Darien on February 16th.  The Stamford Police Department arrested juvenile #1 when he was discovered driving in it on February 18th.  Additional arrests are expected in that incident. 


Juvenile #1 was fully processed and charged for 14 counts of Burglary 3rd Degree based on his involvement in incidents that have occurred over the past week.  Juvenile #2 was fully processed and charged for 2 counts of Burglary 3rd Degree for his involvement in the incidents that occurred this morning.  During processing juvenile #1 admitted to needing to acquire money for narcotics.  He was quoted as saying “Everyone knows you can go to Darien to get money,” referring to the amount of unlocked vehicles containing valuables and ignition keys that are present there. 


Both juveniles were released to their parents and are scheduled to appear in court on February 28, 2017 at 9:00am.  The Stamford Police Department Youth Bureau has indicated they will be following up with both juveniles and will be charging them for their involvement in numerous incidents that recently occurred in Stamford.  


During the surveillance operation, three other Stamford men were observed dressed in all black and running along the Post Rd near the Stamford Town line. They were also detained by undercover officers.  Although these subjects all had significant criminal histories involving violent felonies, there was no probable cause to connect them to any recent criminal history and they were released from the scene.  It is presumed that the officers who detained these subjects located them prior to them having any opportunity to engage in criminal activity.  This information was also passed along to the Stamford Police Department.


The investigation into the current car theft and burglary problem in our area by the Darien Police Department will remain ongoing.  It will involve additional surveillance operations, the deployment of additional manpower, and the networking with surrounding agencies including the Stamford Superior Court and Stamford Office of Juvenile Probation.  Again the Darien Police Department continues to implore residents to secure your vehicles. Do not leave valuables in your vehicles and never leave your ignition keys behind.  Thank you.