9/30/2022 - Veteran Darien Police Lieutenant Retires After More Than 37 Years:

Today, the Darien, CT Police Department marks the last day of active service and honors the career of Lieutenant William Duignan, #1200, appointed February 3, 1985….retiring effective Oct 1, 2022.  Lieutenant Duignan has faithfully served with honor and distinction in virtually every aspect of our departmental operations; Officer, Detective, ERT member, Field Training Officer and Detective Sergeant. As a Lieutenant, he served as both a Field Services Platoon Commander and as Detective Bureau Commander. For approximately the last two years, Lt. Duignan has been staffing the Platoon Commander position on the midnight patrol tour.


Lieutenant Duignan; for your 37 years and 8 months of dedicated and honorable service to the men and women of the Darien Police Department and to the Town of Darien as a whole, we offer our best wishes for a long, healthy and prosperous retirement. Your knowledge, skills and abilities, coupled with your dedication to duty and to professional law enforcement and public safety, are duly noted and celebrated here today. Thank you for your longstanding and exemplary service, which justly serves as a model for all Darien Police Department personnel, present and future.


Lieutenant Duignan; well done and Godspeed.